Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking Across England

Child trafficking is a form of Modern Slavery. AFRUCA is recognised as a leading organisation working with victims of trafficking in the UK and is the only organisation to provide specialist support exclusively for victims of African descent. We work with young Africans aged 12-25 who have been victims of child trafficking, and have supported over 300 children and young people in the past six years. With our specialist knowledge and experience in the area of child trafficking, and links with African communities countrywide, we fill a vital gap in services. We understand key cultural issues, such as witchcraft and juju, and are regularly involved in providing awareness sessions and trainings to educate key stakeholders and communities on this horrific crime. We work holistically, from individual support to input into national policies, to prevent the trafficking of children and young people into the UK, protect their rights when here and promote their wellbeing moving forward.


  • A dedicated Victim Support Worker provides emotional and practical support, and assists in navigating the legal and social service systems. They also provide a referral service aimed at helping clients access legal advice, health, education, housing, social care services and welfare benefits.
  • Regular opportunities for young people to come together and provide peer support, such as our Survivors Forum and Summer Residential Programme, which give young people an opportunity to socialise, learn new skills and work together to improve their self-esteem, confidence and skills.
  • Provide therapeutic services through our dedicated psychotherapists in London and Manchester, who provides one-to-one sessions to young people. We provide young people with a safe place to work towards resilience and empowerment.
  • Advocate on behalf of young victims for improved access to services and quality protection to prevent re-trafficking or further denial of rights. We work closely with crime prevention agencies, social services and legal experts in the investigation of cases, often acting as an expert witness in immigration and criminal cases.
  • Actively contribute to policies and best practices to counter human trafficking and protect victims. We regularly present at various national and regional conferences, and are members of key working groups.
  • Community engagement and awareness to help improve knowledge and understanding of human trafficking and how to help protect and identify victims. We work with African communities to enhance their understanding of trafficking in their communities, while also training statutory agencies on issues which affect African victims.
  • We produce Country Expert reports requested by Statutory agencies and Solicitors in relevant cases relating to Trafficking, Exploitation and Domestic Servitude.



  • Our clients have access to specialist services to support them, including mental health, support, legal, social and housing services.
  • Young people are empowered to take control of their lives and improve their confidence and self-esteem
  • Members of the African community have increased awareness of child trafficking, know the signs and be aware of how to report suspicions.
  • Agencies working with African victims of child trafficking are more aware of the culturally specific issues faced by African children
  • Coordination with other agencies, NGOs and government to advocate for adequate protection and support available, and support the implementation of existing legislation.

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What is Child Trafficking?

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Support Services:

AFRUCA Therapeutic Services

Please contact Kit-Mei Kong (Anti-Trafficking Manager) on 0207 704 2261/07864650819 (Emergency Contact) or email for further information on our services or to discuss a referral. You can also download, complete and email the referral documents below if you are ready to make a referral for this service.

AFRUCA Anti-Trafficking Referral form 2017

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