AFRUCA in Europe

AFRUCA UK is an NGO in Special Consultative status with UN ECOSOC (UN Economic and Social Council).

AFRUCA works in partnership with different agencies across europe and is a member of the international society for protection against child abuse and neglect (ispcan) and a member of the african-europe diaspora development platform (ADEPT)

AFRUCA works across Europe in partnership with different agencies to help address many of the issues faced by African children, young people and families, who are trying to settle down into their new lives in different European countries.

Our work in Europe is three fold:

Work with statutory agencies in different countries to help enhance the skills and capacity of their staff to intervene in African families, address key issues and provide appropriate support.

Partnership work with NGOs to address key issues affecting children, young people and families through joint programme and training delivery on Child Trafficking, FGM and Children in the Child Protection System and other issues

Transfer of knowledge approach to share learning from AFRUCA’s successful long term work with African communities in the UK with other NGOs across Europe

In the past year (2017) AFRUCA has worked in different European countries including Finland, Germany, Austria, isle of Man and in Scotland delivering training and consultancy on key child protection and safeguarding issues with partners. We are working with various organisations in Norway to help address the over-representation of African children in the Norwegian child protection system, and how to better support parents.  We are also working with African-led organisations in Scotland to help transfer some of the knowledge and skills from our work in England to help inform their own work and activities. We have shared learning from our work in the UK at different European fora including the ISPCAN International Conference at The Hague in October 2017, the OSCE Conference on Child Trafficking in Vienna, Austria in April 2017 and the Global Conference on Children on the Move in Berlin, Germany in June 2017.

In the coming years, work across Europe will be a core element of AFRUCA’s work and activities.

To discuss how your agencies can partner with AFRUCA to address issues affecting African children and families in your country, please send an email to

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