AFRUCA Support for African Families Across Greater Manchester

AFRUCA is committed to promoting positive parenting among African parents and raising awareness of the consequences of cruelty and abuse on African children. AFRUCA has therefore been working with families across Greater Manchester. This project, through a self-referral service allows for families to voluntarily access specialist support.The work that we have done, has targeted parents and guardians, to help them refrain from abusing their children, by encouraging them to use alternative strategies and tools to handle challenging behaviour in children.

The core aims of our Family Support Services are:

  • To provide early intervention to help reduce child abuse linked to culture, faith and to reduce the numbers of Black/African children entering the care system
  • To provide African parents and carers with positive and improved parenting skills which will lead to safer childrearing practices and happier family relationships
  • To increase the knowledge of African families involved in the child protection system, on UK law and values as they apply to children
  • To work with parents and children who have been reunited to support bonding/attachment process and help keep families together

Throughout last year, we were able to support a total of 35 families from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds. The support which they received from AFRUCA, ranged from:

  • Initial assessments
  • Family support interventions
  • Expert court reports
  • Observation of contact re: parents & children
  • Rehabilitation work for children returning home after being accommodated by the Local Authority
  • Consultation

 The level of intervention, has ranged from:

  • Early intervention programs
  • Child in need plans
  • Child protection plans
  • Care proceedings

We have dealt with a number of issues including:

  • Physical chastisement
  • Neglect
  • Emotional abuse
  • Witchcraft branding

For further information or to make a referral to our family support programme please email:

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