AFRUCA Teams Up with Nollywood Movies Awards 2014

nollywood movies awards and AFRUCA

As part of our commitment towards giving back to our society, the Nollywood Movies Awards has this year teamed up with our official charity for 2014 AFRUCA (Africans Unite Against Child Abuse).

AFRUCA which focuses on African children in the UK, is also doing some formidable work on the African continent and in Nigeria and Ghana in particular. We are very proud as well as humbled to be working in association with them this year.

It is widely recognised that film is an extremely powerful tool for impacting on society and effecting positive change. The Nollywood industry, followed almost religiously by millions around the world has such far-reaching power. Film is about story and the African child’s story is one that for the most part has remained untold. There is much work to be done.

It is therefore most apt that AFRUCA this year will be using the NMA platform to present the African child’s case to Nigeria’s film community. Hopefully through it’s movies Nollywood will in turn do its own bit to tell that story not only to the wider world, but also to millions right here at home.

Watch the promo video here


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