LAUNCH OF NEW AFRUCA REPORT: Attitudes Towards Physical Chastisement in African Communities

Date 28/09/2018
Time 11:00 – 14:00 BST
Venue AFRUCA Centre, Manchester
Duration One Day

Workshop Summary


Our experience at AFRUCA shows an increasing number of children of African origin across Greater Manchester being removed from families as a result of Physical Abuse. This mirrors the experiences of other child protection agencies across the region where referrals involving children of African origin typically including “beatings” or excessive forms of physical chastisement are on the increase.

This new AFRUCA report details the outcomes of our research looking at the attitudes of African communities in Greater Manchester towards the use of physical chastisement in child upbringing. It examines the roles of culture and religion in influencing parents’ approaches towards child discipline. It also explores current UK legislation on reasonable chastisement and how this affects Black children in the UK. The report looks at the issue of branding children as witches and the intersection with physical abuse.

The report calls on local authorities to adopt stronger prevention and early intervention mechanisms in working with recently arrived families new to UK laws on child protection. It also makes the call for a ban on beating children.

This launch event is being held to share our findings from the research and deliberate on the outcomes. It will be of interest to policy-makers, child protection practitioners and community members.