Child Protection Support Services for Black and Ethnic Families in England

Download AFRUCA Child Protection Service Referral Form 2022

AFRUCA’s Child Protection and Family Support Service is a paid referral service working with parents at different stages of the child protection system. These include early intervention and care proceedings. This service enables us to meet the demand for specialist cultural and country specific input into child protection cases involving children and families from Black and Ethnic backgrounds. This is a national service with referrals from local authority children’s services across England. Our team of social workers liaise with others to conduct child protection assessments and provide intensive one-to-one support for families in crisis to enable them strengthen their parenting capacities and improve protection and safety for children in the family settings.

These services are delivered from both our Head Office in London and our Centre for Black and Ethnic Children and Families in Manchester.

Aims and Objectives

Our Child Protection and Social Work service aims to help reduce the number of children from Black and ethnic communities in the child protection and foster care system. We provide a tailor made, culturally appropriate, intensive one to one training and support service for parents in the child protection system. We work objectively with families, ensuring parents receive new skills so they can provide a positive home environment for their children, free from abuse, exploitation and harm. More specifically:

  • Our service provides early intervention to help reduce child abuse linked to culture, faith and beliefs and to reduce the number of children in Black and ethnic communities going into the foster care system
  • Provide BME parents and carers with positive and improved parenting skills which will lead to safer child rearing practices and happier family relationships
  • Work with parents and children who have been reunited to support bonding/attachment process and help keep families together.

Available Services and Activities

  • One-to-one assessments and follow up support sessions with families to enable them improve their parenting capacities and navigate the child protection system in the best interests of their children.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports (assessment and family support) of work with families for local authority decision-making and Care Proceedings.
  • Mediation for families going through the child protection system and signposting families to other sources of help and support.
  • Work with children to understand their needs and how to tailor our work with parents to align with those needs, using a range of suitable intervention methods.

Download and complete a referral form to refer a case to our child protection service.

To discuss a case before referral, please email or call London Office Tel: 0207 704 2261. Manchester Centre Tel: 0161 205 9274. Contact Social Workers: Lauretta King-Webb (AFRUCA Centre, Manchester); Jamilla Dywer, (AFRUCA Office London)

Download AFRUCA Child Protection Service Referral Form 2022

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