Free AFRUCA coding course for 12–18-year-olds in Manchester

Many children who are at risk of Sexual Exploitation and County Lines Trafficking experience different vulnerabilities which include poverty. Many are from low-income families and experience deprivation, exposure to neighbourhood violence and low aspiration. AFRUCA believes these children should be helped to come off the street and engaged in positive activities.

Thanks to the National Lottery Fund Awards for All and our tech volunteers, AFRUCA’s new one-year pilot project will provide 12 weeks of Free Coding Classes for each of 3 cohorts of 10 children (30 children) in Manchester targeting children between the ages of 12–18 years. The first cohort will start in September 2022. AFRUCA will support them to gain new, useful and life-changing skills and increased aspirations through learning how to code, while tackling food poverty by providing them with meals during the programme. The coding sessions will be held every Saturday for 12 weeks until September 2023.

For further information, please call Brian Talabi on 01612059274 or email:

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