AFRUCA partners with Manchester City Council on ‘Manchester against Modern Slavery’ campaign.

AFRUCA Safeguarding Children offers support services to young people and others who have been victims or is experiencing Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Manchester. The service is available to all ethnic representation in the City. We offer the following services:

Individual Support:
Victims and Survivors are offered the support of a dedicated Victim Support Worker. They provide emotional and practical support to service users, and
work with them to begin the process of healing and starting a new life free from exploitation. They also assist them in navigating the legal and social service systems and ensure that their rights as individuals are respected. We provide service users with a safe and confidential space to begin the recovery process.
Signposting and Referral:
We run a referral service to help trafficked victims access government support, specialist legal, health, education, housing, social care services and welfare benefits.
Peer and Group Support:
Through our quarterly Survivors Forum, service users come together to discuss key issues they are facing, providing an opportunity for them to meet and work
together in a safe space, developing valuable network of peers built on mutual respect and support.
Types Of Exploitation and Modern Slavery We Cover:
AFRUCA provides services to support those who have experienced the following types of exploitation:
• Online Exploitation
• County Lines and Criminal Exploitation
• Domestic Slavery
• Labour Exploitation
• Sexual Exploitation
• Debt Bondage and Financial Exploitation
• Organs Harvesting
Manchester Against Modern Slavery Campaign 
Through its team of Anti-Slavery Champions, AFRUCA raises awareness about Modern Slavery across Manchester. We run regular educational and sensitisation programmes to help improve knowledge and understanding of issue of Modern Slavery, how to spot the signs and help to protect victims. We work with communities to enhance their understanding of Modern Slavery, while also training statutory agencies on issues, which affect specific communities. We frequently publish and disseminate pamphlets and booklets to help raise awareness and inform about trends and developments on this subject.
What We Want To Achieve
Key goals include:

  • Victims of modern slavery who use our services have access to specialist services to support them, including mental health, legal, social and housing services
  • People are empowered to take control of their lives and improve their confidence and self-esteem to rebuild their stolen lives 
  • Members of the community have increased awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking, know the signs and be aware of how to report any suspicions
  • Agencies working with communities and children have improved understanding of cultural factors affecting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
Service Users will be supported as followed:

  • Support to get into Education and professional trainings
  • Improved well-being
  • Better living conditions
  • Support in search of employment
  • Understand signs of exploitation
  • Protect themselves against re-trafficking

For referrals, contact our staff in AFRUCA Manchester:

Tel: 0161 205 9274

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
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