AFRUCA partners with Manchester City Council on ‘Manchester against Modern Slavery’ campaign.

Since 2018, AFRUCA’s expertise in fighting against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking has been at play in Manchester where we have worked with the City Council to raise awareness about Modern Slavery amongst different ethnic communities.

This ongoing campaign ties in with Manchester City Council goal of making Manchester a safer city, one that is also free from all manner of exploitation of children and adults. AFRUCA is working in partnership with MCC from July 2018 to July 2021, to empower local people in safeguarding their communities.

So far, AFRUCA has recruited and trained a team of community champions from different ethnic backgrounds, to ensure that every corner of the borough is covered. This has helped to spread awareness and ultimately promote change in the best interest of victims and vulnerable individuals. AFRUCA is also working with policymakers to grasp new innovative ways of engaging communities and identifying necessary support for victims. The project is also aimed at preventing modern slavery and human trafficking.

We are delighted to report that in the first three years of the programme, AFRUCA has achieved the following:

  • Successfully recruited and trained 15 “Manchester Against Modern Slavery Champions” of different ethnic backgrounds including Roma, White British, South Asian, Chinese, Taiwanese and African
  • Delivered more than 60 community events to raise awareness for the cause
  • Interacted with over 2,000 individuals aged 16+ concerning the campaign and its message.
  • Targeted over 50 individual communities in the area including Roma, British, Pakistani, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Albanian and African communities
  • Reached out to over 30,000 individuals through the effective use of social media platforms
  • Provided relevant information and signposting to both statutory and community on support services
  • Trained safeguarding workers who deal with complex and highly sensitive cases such as this

Through our work with Manchester City Council, AFRUCA has also been able to promote our work to other boroughs in Greater Manchester, in hope of securing future partnerships based on raising awareness of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, so that the vision of making Greater Manchester safer, can become a reality.


January 2021

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