AFRUCA in Africa

AFRUCA UK is an NGO in Special Consultative status with UN ECOSOC (UN Economic and Social Council). AFRUCA UK is also registered with the Nigeria Planning Commission as an International NGO. Our aim is to work in direct partnership with local NGOs and charities in Nigeria and wider Africa to help promote the rights and welfare of children across the continent.

Our Work in Africa

AFRUCA’s work in Africa currently focuses on two key countries

  • Sierra Leone
  • Nigeria

Our Work in Sierra Leone

AFRUCA conducted a Needs Assessment field trip to Sierra Leone to determine what sorts of intervention we can make to help address the myriad of issues affecting children in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis and the Mudslides. We met with a number of agencies to discuss possible collaboration and joint-working. These include:  Society for Democratic Initiatives, AMNET,  Don Bosco Children’s Charity and the Pikin-To-Pikin Network.


Based on our visit, our future work in Sierra Leone will entail:

  • Work with young people affected by teenage pregnancy whose education have been impacted
  • Work to address the trafficking of children from trafficking and exploitation
  • The provision of therapeutic support for children affected by sexual abuse.

We expect to commence work on the ground in the course of 2018-2019 working in partnership with a range of local non-governmental organisations

January 2018

Our Work in Nigeria

AFRUCA has a long history of working in Nigeria. In 2004, we held the first conference on child trafficking in Lagos: “Addressing the Better Life Syndrome”. From 2011 to 2013, we operated a branch of AFRUCA in Abeokuta, Ogun State working in local schools and communities. We have worked with different agencies to run Child Protection Programmes in Ogun and Lagos States. In 2012, we conducted an assessment of government run institutions for children, including orphanages and remand homes with recommendations on what needed to be improved to ensure proper care and protection for children.

AFRUCA has also collaborated with local NGOs on the provision of support for children affected by witchcraft branding. From 2012-2014, we provided financial support to HAPSTA which ran a shelter for children abandoned by their families after accusations of witchcraft branding.

In 2014, AFRUCA collaborated with CEEHOPE, a children’s NGO to hold a National Safeguarding Children Conference in Lagos Nigeria. We have also partnered with CEEHOPE to carry out advocacy activities – for example in relation to the Chibok Girls, the Branding of Children as Witches as well as the trafficking of Nigerian children.

There are many cross-overs between our UK work and our work in Nigeria. This is because a lot of our UK activity targets the UK Nigerian community.  These include our anti trafficking work, work against the branding of children as witches, work with families in the UK care system as well as Female Genital Mutilation.

AFRUCA’s ongoing work in Nigeria focuses on partnership working with local NGOs to deliver intervention on the ground. We believe this is the best methodology to achieve a transfer of knowledge based on work and achievements in the UK.

Read the report of our 2014 Conference here:

Building a child protection system fit for the 21st century nigeria

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