AFRUCA in the UK

AFRUCA runs the Following Prevention and Early Intervention Services and Activities Across England

County Lines Child Trafficking Family Support Programme

AFRUCA has received a grant from Manchester City Council to establish a pilot programme working with parents where children might be at risk of County Lines Child Trafficking and Criminal Exploitation across Manchester. We will provide 25 parents/families with a range of support services to help increase their capacity to protect children from exploitation and harm.

AFRUCA partners with Manchester City Council on ‘Manchester against Modern Slavery’ campaign

AFRUCA’s expertise in fighting against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, has been commissioned by Manchester City Council, in order to raise awareness about Modern Slavery in Manchester amongst different ethnic communities. Manchester City Council, wants to work towards making Manchester a safer city, one that is also free from all manner of exploitation of children and adults. AFRUCA is therefore working in partnership with MCC from July 2018 to July 2021, to empower local people in safeguarding their communities

Vulnerable Migrant Community Outreach Programme

AFRUCA has partnered with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, to create the Child Protection Awareness and Community Volunteering Project. Commissioned in February 2019 as the “Vulnerable Migrant Community Outreach”, the project aims to build a network of volunteer community champions to improve community education linked to child protection and safeguarding in a cross cultural setting


This brochure identifies the range of training courses we have available in 2022/2023. The courses have been designed and developed based on demand and recommendations by agencies and practitioners who have participated in our previous training events.

AFRUCA Modern Slavery “Say No to Omo-Odo” Campaign

“Omo-Odo” is the term widely used in Nigeria for child domestic slaves.

In our UK work on Modern Slavery, many of the victims we support have been trafficked into the UK to work in Nigerian homes as “Omo-Odo. Statistics collated by the UK National Crime Agency also show that most victims of modern slavery from Nigeria to the UK have been trafficked for domestic slavery.

Child Protection Support Services for BME Families in England

AFRUCA works with families on a one-to-one basis to provide child protection awareness and positive parenting skills to parents and carers of BME background. By building parents’ knowledge and skills, we aim to help reduce the number of BME children subject to child protection plans and reduce the number of children removed from their families and placed in the care system.

The AFRUCA Centre for BME Children and Families, Manchester

The AFRUCA Centre is a response to existing gaps in the provision of services for BME children and families in the North West. We are very concerned about the growing representation of BME children in the child protection system in the region. With the increasing number of BME families residing in the area, it is important that they are able to access support services to meet their needs. It is also important that the range of BME faith organisations can avail themselves of existing services to ensure their venues can be safe places for children.

Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking Across England

Child trafficking is a form of Modern Slavery. AFRUCA is recognised as a leading organisation working with victims of trafficking in the UK and is the only organisation to provide specialist support exclusively for victims of African descent. We work with young Africans aged 12-25 who have been victims of child trafficking, and have supported over 500 children and young people in the past six years. With our specialist knowledge and experience in the area of child trafficking, and links with African communities countrywide, we fill a vital gap in services.

Safeguarding Children from Female Genital Mutilation in Greater Manchester

FGM is a very entrenched cultural practice which is prevalent across England. It involves the cutting or circumcision or mutilation of parts of a woman’s genitalia for non-medical reasons.

Community Champions Initiative

AFRUCA employs a volunteer-led approach to address many of the issues that affect children in the BME community across England. The idea is to create a ripple effect of change through peer-to-peer learning and active citizenship. We have devised a range of community Champions initiatives focusing on a range of issues, including Modern Slavery, Child Protection and Female Genital Mutilation. Over 200 volunteers are involved in our Community Champions initiative, helping to promote new knowledge within their own community as active citizens.

Working with Faith Organisations to Safeguard Children in the West Midlands

In its work to promote the welfare and rights of children, AFRUCA is aware of the strong role that faith organisations play in the lives of many people. Hence, it has been making efforts to reach out and work in partnership with various faith-based organisations to help strengthen their skills and knowledge of child protection and safeguarding.

AFRUCA Therapeutic Service

AFRUCA offers a therapeutic service for BME children, young people and families who have survived or have been at risk of different forms of child abuse and exploitation. AFRUCA offers culturally appropriate therapy which enable children and young people to deal with the impacts of their traumatic experiences.

AFRUCA Schools Intervention Programme (SIP)

AFRUCA School Intervention Programme (SIP) is a matrix of professional support services for teachers, parents, carers and children available to schools across the UK. The SIP includes a range of general early help support for parents and carers, staff workforce development and training as well as a range of workshops for parents and pupils.

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