AFRUCA offers a therapeutic service for African children, young people and families who have survived or have been at risk of undergoing FGM and Human Trafficking. The FGM Emotional Well-Being service specifically works with young people, from ages 5 to 21 whilst our Psychotherapy for Trafficking Survivors works with ages 12-25. AFRUCA offers culturally appropriate therapy which enable children and young people to deal with the impacts of their traumatic experiences. Our therapy service provides a process to recovery,  helping to bridge the gap in provision of specialist mental health services for victims of FGM and Human Trafficking.

AFRUCA’s Therapeutic service offers a range of friendly and confidential interventions designed to work with children and young people.  Our service is broken down into two major parts;

  • FGM Emotional Well-being Project
  • Psychotherapy for Trafficked Survivors

Our FGM service provides emotional and psychological support for families who have faced difficulties resulting from FGM practices. Whether the young person has undergone FGM or has been at risk of FGM, the level of support is tailored to ensure the individual feels supported and able to regain control of their lives again through therapy using the Core Conditions. The level of support is broken down into different age groups and two levels. Low level and high level depending on the individual if they are at risk of going through FGM or have had the procedure done to them therefore require emotional support to deal with the trauma caused. The interventions range from colouring, drawing and playing to therapy designed for older clients such as Person Centred therapy or Cognitive behavioural therapy.

Our therapeutic service for Trafficked Survivors also understands the psychological impacts of having been exploited; so our interventions are based on a Cognitive Behavioural and Person Centred model which is specialised and adapted to address harmful cultural practices, sexual exploitation and emotional trauma. The service offers low intensity intervention for those who present with mild psychological problems offering up to 6 sessions and psycho-educational groups. We also offer high intensity intervention for those with trauma symptoms offering up to 18 1-2-1 sessions and group therapy.

For practitioners such as the police, solicitors, social workers, guardians e.t.c. we offer the following for their clients;

  • Psychological assessments (culturally adjusted)
  • Consultation service for external agencies on complex needs of children/Young People trafficked from Africa
  • Specialist training for practitioners including foster carers
  • Awareness raising on the mental health impact and psychological needs of trafficked children and young people


  • To tackle psychological problems experienced as a result of exploitation, harmful cultural practices and general child abuse.
  • To provide culturally sensitive assessments and intervention that are African centred.
  • To make communities aware that there is now a mental health service that addresses the psychological impacts of having undergone FGM and having been through Trafficking and Exploitation.
  • To improve the emotional resilience and self-esteem of all children and young people that come through our service.
  • To empower children and young people on how to keep safe from mental abuse and harm.
  • To provide an advisory service on matters related to the psychological needs of FGM victims, trafficked children and young people.


We accept referrals from all Practitioners i.e. Police, Nurse, Local Authority, Teacher or community member making a referral for the young person. The young person can also self-refer. There will be an assessment conducted at the initial stage so that we can assess the level of support that is required and tailor the therapeutic intervention to the individual. In the case of an FGM victim, a visit will be organised where a package of support will be offered. In all cases, we offer counselling sessions in a private room where the children, young people and families have a safe place to talk and explore their emotions and difficulties.

For FGM Emotional well-being Services, please contact or call 0161 2059274

For Psychotherapy for Trafficked Survivors, please contact or call 0207 704 2261

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