As part of our “Voices of the Community” series of community research project, we are conducting a study aimed at exploring the practice of Labia Elongation in some African communities across Greater Manchester.  This is a type of FGM which is not well known and so not represented on most FGM prevalence maps. We are currently working with practising communities represented in Greater Manchester as part of this study. This research is a direct follow up to our first “Voices of the Community” FGM Research in Greater Manchester (click to read).

The Study Objectives 

  • To identify communities within Greater Manchester that practice type 4 FGM
  • To engage these communities in focus groups and gather their views and attitudes towards the practice
  • To produce a report of our findings and launch this by September 2016.
  • To support professionals to understand how to identify the various strands of Type 4 FGM and their effects, especially Labia Elongation.

Follow up to Initial FGM Research: “Voices of the Community: Exploring FGM in African Communities Across Greater Manchester”

  • AFRUCA has been invited to Universities including University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford and several Conferences to speak and share learning from the research.
  • The research’s recommendations have been used by New Economy and informed the Strategic Plan for Greater Manchester on FGM.
  • The research has also been used by individual students as part of their dissertation research.
  • We have been invited to talk about it on Radio and National TV and many newspaper articles have been written about it.
  • Following our research we have now developed a new service to provide therapeutic support for those affected by FGM. We have created the new post of FGM Emotional Well-Being Officer who provides emotional support to those at a risk and those undergoing FGM impacts/ implications.


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