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BASNET, the UK BME Anti-Slavery Network, which was established in 2020 by Debbie Ariyo OBE, CEO of AFRUCA, is the first network in the UK and in Europe devoted to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in the anti-trafficking and anti-slavery space.

Hundreds of victims of modern slavery or human trafficking are brought into the UK from around 20 countries every year. Sadly, their voices are often not heard within the anti-slavery movement across the UK. According to the National Referral Mechanism, most UK child victims of modern slavery are children from black and ethnic minority backgrounds who have been exploited for drug trafficking. Yet the plight of these communities is almost unnoticed.

In June, Jakub Sobik of the Modern Slavery, Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre conducted an interview with Debbie Ariyo to find out the reason why Debbie founded BASNET and how BASNET can help to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in modern slavery research. During her interview, Debbie not only gave an insightful analysis of the adverse effects of modern slavery and human trafficking on children and young people in the UK, but she also presented vital recommendations and action plans to tackle the issue.

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