Position Papers

AFRUCA Paper on tackling Human trafficking and Modern Slavery from Nigeria to Europe

The number of Nigerian nationals trafficked across the Mediterranean and via other means to different parts of Europe for Exploitation has reached very alarming proportions. This paper focuses on the issues, challenges, actions and way forward regarding tackling Human Trafficking from Nigeria. Read More…

Why UK law should explicitly prohibit ‘possession accusations’

Children have suffered serious ill-treatment, even death, as a result of possession accusations. This paper is not about these terrible actions, which are already unlawful. However, accusations are not in themselves unlawful; government guidance does not even identify them as a form of child abuse…Read More

AFRUCA Paper On Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment

The report into the Rotherham Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Scandal highlighted the need to have direct engagement with communities in order to prevent or combat child abuse or to enable child abusers use the cover of their community, including their faith community to perpetrate abuse…Read More

Child Trafficking: Identification of Victims in Prisons and Criminalisation of Young People

The criminalisation of young child victims of trafficking is a common occurrence in the UK Criminal Justice System. This happens either when children and young people are caught with fraudulently obtained travel documents (with older date of birth) provided by the trafficker or caught engaging in criminal and other forms of illicit activities most of which they have no control over and are unable to prove their date of birth due to lack of documentation…Read More


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