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AFRUCA has developed a new research programme to explore key safeguarding issues in African communities in the UK. We aim to create a body of knowledge to help inform policy and practice on safeguarding issues. It is our hope that many of the community projects developed can be further investigated through in-depth academic research.
AFRUCA ResearchAFRUCA Research Project on Physical Chastisement in African Families

We are happy to report that we have received a new grant to conduct a research project into the physical abuse of children in African communities across Greater Manchester. African children are most likely to be removed from their families based on physical abuse than other cohorts of children in the UK. African children are also disproportionately represented in child protection and care systems across the UK.

Our Research project will aim to gain some insights into the following:
Our Research project will aim to gain some insights into the following:
  • Why are Nigerian children more likely to be physically chastised than other African children?
  • Why do African parents beat their children rather than employ other positive means of parenting?
  • What is the impact of abuse on this category of children?
  • When children are removed and placed in care, does this affect their overall well-being?
  • What support can we give parents as alternatives to beating children?

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