The AFRUCA Centre for BME Children and Families is the branch of AFRUCA working across the North West of England. It is a specialist one-stop shop providing a range of prevention and early intervention projects and services. Our Centre bridges the gap between statutory agencies and the BME community in the North West on child protection issues, helping to position AFRUCA as a regional, knowledge-based organisation with a strong specialism in the safeguarding of BME children.

The AFRUCA Centre is also a response to existing gaps in the provision of services for BME children and families in the North West. We are very concerned about the growing representation of BME children in the child protection system in the region. With the increasing number of BME families residing in the area, it is important that they are able to access support services to meet their needs. It is also important that the range of BME faith organisations can avail themselves of existing services to ensure their venues can be safe places for children.

The AFRUCA Centre also aims to fill the skills gap that exists among agencies and their staff working with BME children through the provision of a range of specialised services for statutory and non-statutory agencies in the region. Such services include the provision of training programmes, research and publications to provide knowledge on key issues.

Our premises at Phoenix Mill in Ancoats Manchester affords the Centre a good opportunity to serve as a community centre, accommodating our increasing staff team, holding community activities, serving as contact points for families and hosting a range of programmes and activities in collaboration with other agencies, especially the statutory sector.

On top of all AFRUCA projects happening at the centre, it is also a place where BME parents come to talk about issues that affect their parenting in the UK with access to a range of literature that helps them to understand the expectations of them as parents in the UK.

We hold consultative meetings with the communities that we work with at the centre and provide a one to one support service for parents and professionals.

Vision of the Centre

The vision for the Centre is to achieve better protection for BME children from harmful cultural and religious practices so they can fulfil their potentials.

Opening hours and Emergency contacts – 9:00am to 18:00pm (Monday to Friday), 0161 205 92 74 /0786 4650808 (Emergency Contact)

Ongoing Services at AFRUCA Centre

  • Child Protection Support work with children and families: assessments, one-to-one training, support, counselling, mediation, rehabilitation and sign-posting (for Referrals click Here)
  • Research into key issues among BME Communities in Greater Manchester (Read More)
  • National Training and Advice Programme for Practitioners (Read More)
  • Country Expert Reports for Family, Criminal and Immigration Courts
  • Awareness Raising and Education for Faith and Community groups
  • Forums for Survivors of Child Abuse and Exploitation and forums for parents
  • Assessment and Therapeutic support for victims of Abuse and Exploitation
  • Assessment, Support, Policy and Advocacy on Child Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  • Assessment, Emotional Wellbeing Support, Policy and Advocacy on Female Genital Mutilation
  • Assessment, Policy and Advocacy on Witchcraft Branding.

AFRUCA – October 2020

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