Janet Latinwo

-AFRUCA Trustee

Janet Latinwo was appointed a Trustee of AFRUCA in May 2014 and served as Chair from July 2016 to September 2019.

Janet is a Principal Lawyer currently working in the public sector in the area of child protection and local governance. As a University of London certified Lecturer of Law Janet also provides training to clients and students on a range of legal subjects.

In 2012 Janet was appointed as a school governor and has over 8 years primary and secondary school governance experience, chairing Exclusion panels and Staff grievances. Janet was co-opted as a lay member of the Education, Policy, Development Scrutiny Committee for a Local Authority from 2012 to 2014.

Janet is currently an executive committee member of the British Nigerian Lawyers Forum (BNLF). Janet has taken an active role in community organisations and charities providing voluntary assistance for over 20 years, with the belief that together small steps can make great strides. Janet has held a number of Public Relation & Legal positions within community based organisations over the years, organising high scale events for High Commissions and special delegates, observing legal advisory roles and high level executive committee participation.

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