Vulnerable Migrant Community Outreach Programme

AFRUCA has partnered with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, to create the Child Protection Awareness and Community Volunteering Project. Commissioned in February 2019 as the “Vulnerable Migrant Community Outreach”,the project aims to build a network of volunteer community champions to improve community education linked to child protection and safeguarding in a cross cultural setting

The project will target different faith groups across Barking and Dagenham including non-Black African community and faith organisations because referrals into Child Protection also include children from families from established communities who are also referred to the Local Authority’s Child Protection services. AFRUCA believes that thorough knowledge of positive Child Protection practices and best practices in safeguarding children should be applicable to all communities, not just Africans. For this reason we will target both Black African and non-Black African faith groups in the delivery of our training programmes.Additionally, engaging communities themselves in efforts to address a local problem will go a long way to help build more active citizens, contributing their own quota to help improve community life.

We achieved the following outcomes:

  • 20 Community Volunteers gained increased skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver training in child protection to 500 members of the Black and non-black communities in LBBD.
  • 500 Members of the Black and non-Black communities receiving champions training gained new knowledge of how to keep children safe.
  • 60 professionals working with children and families across the borough gained improved skills on how to intervene successfully in families where there are child protection concerns as a result of cultural and religious practices.

This project is now completed.

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