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AFRUCA works in UK Black and Ethnic communities to protect and safeguard children from abuse, modern slavery and exploitation.

We aim to promote the best interests of the child in all our activities.

Our stance is that culture and religion should never be a reason to abuse children.

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Free AFRUCA coding course for 12–18-year-olds in Manchester

Many children in Black and other ethnic communities across Manchester are vulnerable to exploitation and county lines child trafficking. Child traffickers recruit and groom vulnerable children to transport drugs, as well as traffic them for sexual exploitation across the UK.



We are looking to employ a Youth Worker to help prevent children from going into the criminal justice system due to behaviours indicative of serious youth violence, grooming and exploitation.

The post-holder will be working from our Manchester office at the AFRUCA Centre for Black and Ethnic Children and Families and will be supporting young people to address vulnerabilities and indications of grooming, exploitation, and harm. For more details about this job opportunity and to apply


African Parent-Students and the challenges of Parenting in the UK
African Parent-Students and the challenges of Parenting in the UK

Many African parent-students come to the UK sent by their governments or on scholarship programmes to study at universities across the country. Most of these students arrive in the UK without being given adequate information that helps them to familiarise themselves with the culture and norms as well as to understand the UK’s law on children’s welfare.

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Child Protection Support Services for Black and Ethnic Families in England

AFRUCA works with families on a one-to-one basis to provide child protection awareness and positive parenting skills to parents and carers of Black and ethnic background. By building parents’ knowledge and skills, we aim to help reduce the number of Black children subject to child protection plans and reduce the number of children removed from their families and placed in the care system.

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Free AFRUCA coding course for 12–18-year-olds in Manchester


AFRUCA Child Safeguarding Webinars

AFRUCA runs weekly Community Child Safeguarding Webinars delivered by our trained volunteer Children’s Champions. These webinars cover a range of child protection topics and provide a forum for group learning, exchanges and networking for parents. Sessions are delivered via Facebook and ZOOM. To find out more about the webinars, please contact us.

The AFRUCA Centre for Black and Ethnic Children and Families, Manchester

The AFRUCA Centre is a response to existing gaps in the provision of services for Black and Ethnic children and families in the North West. We are very concerned about the growing representation of Black and ethnic children in the child protection system in the region. With the increasing number of Black and ethnic families residing in the area, it is important that they are able to access support services to meet their needs. It is also important that the range of Black and ethnic faith organisations can avail themselves of existing services to ensure their venues can be safe places for children. Find out more


– For Agencies Working With Black and Ethnic Children and Families 2022-2023

This brochure identifies the range of training courses we have available in 22/23
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AFRUCA VACANCIES – AFRUCA Trustees Recruitment 2022

Four Members of the Board of Trustees
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Child Protection Manuals

AFRUCA publishes training manuals on Child Protection in both English and French .Find out more

Safeguarding African Children

AFRUCA has produced the “Safeguarding African Children in the UK” series of publications to highlight different safeguarding issues and to assist members of the African community in the UK to know more about different forms of child abuse and how to identify the signs so children can be safe and be better protected. Find out more

AFRUCA Research Series – Voices of the Community

AFRUCA has developed a new research programme to explore key safeguarding issues in African communities in the UK. We aim to create a body of knowledge to help inform policy and practice on safeguarding issues. It is our hope that many of the community projects developed can be further investigated through in-depth academic research. Find out more

County Lines Child Trafficking Programme

In partnership with Manchester City Council, AFRUCA has established the first service across Greater Manchester dedicated to providing support for parents of children at risk of county line trafficking and criminal exploitation. Our service will support 25 parents from BME communities over one year through the provision of a range of services. Find out more

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