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AFRUCA works in UK BME communities to protect and safeguard children from abuse and harm.

We aim to promote the best interests of the child in all our activities.

Our stance is that culture and religion should never be a reason to abuse children.

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AFRUCA and “Black Lives Matter”

Following global events, AFRUCA has engaged in activities to highlight discrimination, lack of diversity and inclusion in the UK sectors in which we work:

Read Statement by our network BASNET to highlight racism and discrimination in the UK anti-trafficking sector here

Read our CEO’s article in Thomson Reuters news about what needs to change to enhance inclusion and diversity in the UK anti-trafficking sector here:r here

Register for our event: “Black Children and the Health and Social Care Sectors: What Needs To Change?” here

Register for our event on “Equality and Diversity in the UK Anti-Trafficking Sector” in partnership with the Human Trafficking Foundation here



Manchester Against Modern Slavery Videos

UK BME Anti/Slavery Network - BASNET

Click to find out about BASNET and how to become a Member

Trafficking of Cameroonian Child Refugees in Nigeria: NGOs Flay Facebook

Popular social media platform, Facebook has been criticised by two Non-Governmental Organisations for the recent allegation that the social media platform is being used as a conduit for the online sale of Cameroonian refugee children in Nigeria.

AFRUCA Director explains the phenomenon of “Baby Factories” in Nigeria

by BBC Focus on Africa ft. Debbie Ariyo

AFRUCA Training



This brochure identifies the range of training courses we have available in 20/21.

AFRUCA Blog Articles

Children In Ghana’s Fishing Sector: If We Dont Understand Slavery, We Cannot Help Its Victims
Children In Ghana’s Fishing Sector: If We Dont Understand Slavery, We Cannot Help Its Victims

In May and June 2019, I visited Ghana as the first part of my 2019 Winston Churchill travel fellowship. My aim was to better understand the various drivers of child trafficking in Ghana’s fishing sector and to explore some of the responses on the ground by engaging with a range of government agencies, NGOs and those working to support children who have been rescued.

read more
Cries of the Youth
Cries of the Youth

There has been a sharp rise in crime involving the use of guns and knives in Manchester. The Greater Manchester Police, have reported that in the first quarter of 2019, there were around 787 recorded crimes involving the use of a knife. This includes threatening behaviour and possession of such weapons.

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Child Protection Manuals

AFRUCA publishes training manuals on Child Protection in both English and French.

Safeguarding African Children

AFRUCA has produced the “Safeguarding African Children in the UK” series of publications to highlight different safeguarding issues and to assist members of the African community in the UK to know more about different forms of child abuse and how to identify the signs so children can be safe and be better protected.

AFRUCA Research Series – Voices of the Community

AFRUCA has developed a new research programme to explore key safeguarding issues in African communities in the UK. We aim to create a body of knowledge to help inform policy and practice on safeguarding issues. It is our hope that many of the community projects developed can be further investigated through in-depth academic research.


Therapeutic Services

AFRUCA offers a therapeutic service for African children, young people and families who have survived or have been at risk of undergoing FGM and Human Trafficking.

AFRUCA in the UK

AFRUCA runs the Following Prevention and Early Intervention Services and Activities Across England

AFRUCA in Europe

AFRUCA works across Europe in partnership with different agencies to help address many of the issues faced by African children, young people and families, who are trying to settle down into their new lives in different European countries.

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